Are you a teacher or school administrator? Want to learn more about esports?

Esports is one of the most powerful development opportunities of this generation. Check out our school's guide to learn more about esports and why you should start a school esports program. Youth esports participation provides a number of benefits for students including development of STEM skills, introduction to teamwork skills, and even eventual college scholarship opportunities. Over 150+ colleges & universities offer esports scholarships! Esports can also provide an outlet to your students who may not be participating in any other extracurricular activities, accessing an underserved portion of your community. 

This guide will give you information on:

  • What esports is
  • The esports market
  • Careers in esports
  • Esports in education
  • Benefits to esports for youth
  • How to start an esports program

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Vanta A School's Guide to Esports

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